Internet Video Marketing for Business

Online video is here right now, but you can be sure it will be around in the future also. Many video hosting sites will host your video content. If you intend on getting subscribers and making sales then you need to be doing internet video marketing right now.There is no marketing more effective than video marketing. It is the fastest growing form of marketing out there and you need to start creating internet video marketing campaigns immediately.At one time we used to watch videos online if they were displayed in web pages. These would be on informative news sites for example and provided good value for many people.

A few years ago one site came along which was a complete game changer in how we watched online video content. That site is called YouTube. It has gone from strength to strength and is now the second most popular search engine.

If you are using internet video marketing then you really must use YouTube.

Video marketing entails creating video content and distributing it all over the internet. With the advent of Google universal search it means whenever you search for something you get web pages as well as videos returned in the results.

Google thinks highly of video content now and it has become of importance to search. A few years ago YouTube was bought by Google so you can guess why video is now an important medium to the company. When using internet video marketing you need to consider search counts of keywords.

Here are some interesting statistics to consider

  • There are more than one billion videos viewed on YouTube every day.
  • Businesses in the UK spend more on internet advertising than they do on television advertising.
  • Every minute of the day more than twenty hours of video gets loaded onto YouTube.

Using internet video marketing for business

Do you have a service or product that needs promotion? It has been proven when using internet video marketing for promotion purposes, the volume of subscribers you can obtain increases. This in turn leads to sales and more profit for you. This is because we all love to watch video rather than reading long text. Whatever you are promoting, you are likely to do it much better by using video.

The problem with sales copy is that it can be quite long. Really we just want to know what it is going to do for us and how much it will be. Otherwise we end up just reading a few points and scrolling right to the bottom to see the price. A video sales page however is more engaging and we are more likely to pay attention. This is how we should be using internet video marketing.I’m sure you’ve come across those shopping channels on TV. Have you noticed how the seller uses clever word play to persuade people to buy? It makes you really want the item and you are tempted to call up and place an order.The seller comes out with phrases like “Imagine how your life would be if only you had this product”. You too could use a similar tactic when trying to sell your product. You could see fast results with this approach. Are you starting to see why you should start web video production right now?Should you plan on using internet video marketing you could convert sales copy into a video and the same persuasive words could be applied in the video itself. You will not even need a person to be present on camera.

Video Marketing Tools

The explosion in recent years in online video has given rise to a new way of marketing business. It is no longer the case that you have to promote the dry static text sales page. Video has the potential to make your message come alive and there are numerous video marketing tools to help you get there.Before video came along internet marketers relied on things such as banner ads to promote their products. While still effective, banner ads have declined somewhat in popularity. In the main they are not free and can burn a pretty hole in your advertising budget. A similar scenario exists with advertising on other websites.

People prefer to watch something rather than read a long piece of text. By using video marketing tools you can convert those static text sales pages into an engaging piece of video content. Although time consuming it can certainly propel your business forward. You will need some decent video marketing software to get the job done.

Have you ever used Microsoft PowerPoint as part of your marketing strategy? If not then why not go on a course or grab yourself a training book. Yes it requires a bit of effort to learn and understand it, but you will find it pays dividends. One of the best video marketing tools I find is PowerPoint. Your video marketing ideas and creativity can be put to good use here.Another tool worth considering is Camtasia. This is more of a video editing tool than PowerPoint and produces exceptional results. You can bring video into the package, trim it, and add titles, effects and sound. You can also record the computer screen activity.

Whatever marketing tools you decide to use, you will need to invest in a good quality microphone if you intend to add your voice to your video. It is not absolutely necessary, but some people may prefer to hear a voice speaking out loud the text on screen. Camtasia is worth adding to your arsenal of video marketing tools.

YouTube and video marketing

When you have created your video, you need somewhere to host it. The best place for hosting your video is YouTube. This site is all about viewing, sharing and uploading your videos. You can spend all evening on there looking at the different videos available and sometimes I do just that.I find more interesting content on YouTube than I do on television. Whatever your interest you are bound to find something of use to watch. It is also a community where you can comment on other videos and share ideas. This site is one of the best, if not the best among the video marketing tools to use.

There are several reasons why it is such a great site. Firstly, YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world. What this means for you is that millions of people day or night around the world may watch your video.You can also add your website link to the YouTube site. This will enable people who watch your video to click the link and visit your website, resulting in more conversions for you. As video marketing tools go, you will find yourself using it time and time again. It is for sure one of the better video marketing tools available for you to be aware of.

Web Video Marketing Revealed

Businesses large and small are gradually discovering the power of video marketing. If you have an online business then you really should be promoting it via video. Even an offline business can get in on the act. You really need to get web video marketing revealed to you so you can experience just what it can do for your sales.Chances are you have heard of YouTube. You will be aware just how popular this site is worldwide. This is where you should be hosting your video so that it can be seen by a worldwide audience at any time of the day.YouTube has really grown in popularity over the years and now has moved into the big time. If you want web video marketing revealed then don’t be afraid to dip your toe in the water here.

Bear in mind that the world is made up of time zones and while you are asleep at night, it may be morning or afternoon somewhere else, where someone is happily watching your video. You may wake up to a sale from another country. Now how good would that feel?Some people use YouTube to promote their product or drive traffic to their website. Others may use it to raise awareness of their brand. In fact if you have had web video marketing revealed then you will be aware that your video subject could cover a wide range of things such as a presentation to recruitment advertising.

It really does not matter what kind of business you run or how small or large it is. You can create engaging videos to drive traffic to your website and improve sales. Any business can benefit from this and it is in your interest to get started today. This in essence is why it is important you get web video marketing revealed to you as soon as possible.

Realise that people prefer to watch rather than read long text. It is natural for us to respond better to visual things. With traditional text sales pages for example it is tempting to skim through it and go to the end to look at the price.

People won’t be too interested in watching your video if it is overly promotional in nature. You need to subtly introduce your sales pitch. It probably is better to leave it until the very end of the video.You could even leave out the sales pitch altogether and simply tell them to visit your website for more details. You could direct them to a sales page within the video itself. If you want to get web video marketing revealed to you then follow this plan for the best results.